The Swords And Ploughshares Museum

The Swords And Ploughshares Museum is dedicated to the memory of the many and often ultimate sacrifices made by our forebears in the pursuit of peace and democracy. The Museum represents a unique approach to military history as its primary focus is on the Citizen Soldier (the Militiaman and Reservist) at peace and at war. By showing Canada’s industrial development in conjunction with warlike and peaceful artifacts which were used for both purposes, the Museum strives to educate its visitors in the many and varied ways Canadians have served their country.

Another unique aspect of the Museum is the cooperative effort by private collectors to provide a venue for the display of their personal collections. The Swords And Ploughshares Museum’s name alludes to the biblical admonishment to “…beat our swords into ploughshares and our spears into pruning hooks… “

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